Galerie Sandra Bürgel

Valerie Stahl von Stromberg

Born 1976, grew up in Cologne
Lives and works in Berlin.


1995-1996   Trainee at Abbey Road and Townhouse Studios, EMI Records, London
1996-1997   Foundation in Fine Arts, Central Saint Martins College, London
1997–2000   Bachelor of Arts Central Saint Martins College, London
2001-2003   assistant of Wolfgang Tillmans, London
2002   Hyères Festival of Photography
2008–2010   Studio Xinle Lu, Shanghai, China

Selected Exhibitions

Screens, Wings And Heart", PantaleonsMuehlengasse, Cologne (S)

"Es geht voran", Galerie Sandra Bürgel (GS)

"Bürde", Galerie Sandra Bürgel, Berlin (10 Years Galerie Bürgel)
"Sägewerke", Sägewerk Rumplmayr, Emmanuel Walderdorff Galerie, part of Salzkammergut Festwochen Gmunden
"Kos Dibonds", Galerie Sandra Bürgel, Berlin (S)

"Kos Dibonds", Pantaleonsmuehlengasse, Cologne (S)
"Berlin Art Prize 2015", nominees exhibition,
District, Berlin
“1 message received”, Galerie Sandra Bürgel, Berlin (S)


"Village Of Hope Trees"
, Part I, Cologne
Galerie Sandra Bürgel, Berlin


"Real Estate Opportunities", Café Warschau, Berlin (with Marte Eknaes, Wilhelm Klotzek, Yves Mettler, Ariane Müller & Martin Ebner, Mandla Reuter, Eva-Maria Wilde)
"The Blind Cook (Chinese Keys & Thai Leaves)", Galerie Sandra Bürgel, Berlin (S)

"Temporary Autonomous Zone, Part 1: Erogenous Zone", organised by the group ƒƒ, Galerie im Körnerpark, Berlin
"Pleasures", Mozartstr. 28, Cologne

"Erkenntnis der eigenen Unfreiheit", Galerie Sandra Bürgel, Berlin
"Hello And Goodbye", Cremer Street, London

"Species Diversity", 4D at Fernsehturm, Berlin (S, exhibition serial curated by Juliane Solmsdorf)
"Selbstkritik ist eine unerlässliche und ständig wirksame Waffe", Galerie Sandra Bürgel, Berlin

"Valerie Stahl von Stromberg & Ulrich Wulff", Adalbertstr. 73, Berlin
"Expo Valerie", Xinle Lu, Shanghai  >

"Galerie Valerie", Galerie Sandra Bürgel, Berlin (Solo)

"You leave in the morning with everything you own in a little black case", Truebenbach Galerie, Cologne (Solo)
"La Bete or the Object of Desire", T1+2 Annex, Rupert Sanderson Store, London
"All Capital Letters", Deutsche Bank + T1+2 Gallery, Salon D'Apollo, London

"Untitled", Jones+Truebenbach Galerie, Cologne
"PudelKollektion", Goldener Pudel, Hamburg (curated by Tillman Terbuyken) "Schickeria", Café Moskau, Berlin
"Vanity", T1+2 Gallery, London (Solo)
"VC", Hats Plus, London (curated by Phillipa Horan)

"Vanishing Point", Madder Rose Gallery, London
"Viewing Club", Sezession Wichtelgasse, Vienna
"Blood&Feathers", Silwex House, Quaker Street, London (curated by Phillipa Horan)

"VC05", touring show, Hamburg, London, Berlin
"Corner Pictures", Hyeres Festival Retrospective, Shanghai
"Consignia", Hiscox, London
"Kirchliche Kunst der Neuzeit", Galerie Antik, Berlin, 2004
"To remember to forget", Galerie Eva Winkeler, Frankfurt am Main (Solo)

"Headland", Century Gallery, London
"Group VS Show", Dicksmith Gallery, London